The Woman Behind the Brand

Ximena Valero, LA based Fashion Designer, born in Mexico City has been a visionary for the fashion industry since she was a young child. She started her career working as an assistant designer for Victoria's Secret in the big Apple.  Winner of the 2007 International Award for Designer of the year for excellence in Evening Wear ate Miami Fashion Week, among multiple recognition for her work and innovative inventions. Valero is known for introducing 'Transformable Fashion' and has dressed a number of celebrities. She was recently featured as a designer and judge on The Fashion Hero, a Tv Series that aired via Amazon prime and other networks in 42 countries .

Currently in 2023 Ximena Valero re-launch Transformable Fashion in Summer 2023, focusing on the Original Best Seller silhouettes of her Brand, Among the Fashion Consulting Services that facilitate Brands and individuals to create designs from scratch to a mass-production order in Los Angeles, California. 

What We Do

Our multi-wear fashion business is in charge of simplifying modern women's wardrobe. We design and manufacture women's clothing in Los Angeles, California, USA and distribute Worldwide. The quality of our products reflects our identity.

The concept of our business is "Transformable Fashion" with a timeless aesthetic that fits universal silhouettes. Innovative clothing and accessory collections are conscientiously engineered with cutting edge craftsmanship, so that each design can be worn in multiple ways; effortlessly styled from a day-to-night time look. In our collections, you will find one of a kind convertible and reversible gowns, mini dresses, jumpers, swimsuits, footwear, and accessories that are unique, stylish and reflective of the designer's aesthetic vision.

With 25 years of experience in design, skills and knowledge, Ximena Valero Brands creates slow-fashion statement pieces that appeal to conscientious consumers, so that they. have the right attires in their wardrobe to embrace their oneness. We create tools for them to explore their authenticity, getting fully in touch with their identities and creating their own fashion instead of following the current trends.

Our Vision

International design driven company and USA made. Conscientiously engineered with cutting edge craftsmanship; luxurious and multipurpose garments that stimulate individuals creatvity to embrace one's orginiality.

Our Mission

To be the Ultimate source for transformable fashion globally. To simplify and modernize women's wardrobe by creating an effortless lifestyle with authenticity, comfort and innovation.