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Hi everybody and welcome back. We are already half way through the year, and what a thrilling year it’s been!

So many amazing opportunities have happened so far and it’s been a crazy and exhilarating ride. My team and I are working hard and looking forward to our upcoming events later this year. I’ve loved being able to share my updates and keep in touch with people from all around the world. Thank you for following me on my social media channels.

Today, we have another huge announcement. I am going to be on a reality TV show called The Fashion Hero, and I’ve been selected to be one of four designers to appear on this show. Unfortunately I can’t disclose too much information, but I can tell you a couple things.

Filming starts at the beginning of August in Montreal, Canada. It will be aired in October on many different networks in over 100 countries. Anyone aged 16 to 40 are able to participate regardless of sex, height, ethnicity, disability, etc. People from all over the world have been signing up and collecting votes for a chance to appear on this reality show. The winners will receive gifts from the designers, and each designer will select one winner to appear in their upcoming advertising campaigns. This show is truly the first reality series of its kind, and will change the fashion industry and the way we perceive it.

We’re really excited to be apart of making a difference and doing something positive for people. This series will showcase true beauty, and empower human beings to accept themselves and love who they are. This show isn’t about being perfect; it’s about being real.

Watching this show is also going to really capture the essence of who I am and what my fashion is all about. I am so excited to be able to expose and expand my brand to new people and locations.

The Fashion Hero will be a very powerful reality show that we encourage you to watch. Get inspired, get excited, and get motivated by this series. Keep reading and keep in touch on our social media platforms as I give more clues!

On another note, I really wanted to talk and thank everyone for supporting me. This year has been such a blessing, as it has been such a new transition for the Ximena Valero brand. This show is all about the new direction of where I want to go, and I’m honored this opportunity has come to me. I’m glad I get to express how I feel on a TV show that feels the exact same way.

This is a new era for Ximena Valero, and I’m so happy to transform and change my designs to meet this new way of thinking.

Thank you for being apart of this journey! Stay in touch, and let me know if you have any comments of questions.

-Ximena Valero