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Hey everyone! Welcome back to my second blog post.

We are on our way and excited to go to World Fashion Week in Paris from November 15th through the 20th. The show will be held at the Garden of Tuileries, which is located between the Louvre museum and the Place de la Concorde. I can’t say it enough; I’m ecstatic for this opportunity!

This international event is a fashion show for upcoming designers from all around the world. Designers showcase their upcoming seasonal collections that will be shown to an estimated audience of 150,000+. I have been honored to be a representative of my home country of Mexico, and this event will be live webcast and broadcasted on Television.

Being surrounded by the energy of Paris will be an incredible experience, and presenting my Transformable Fashion collection in the city where fashion was born will be an amazing privilege.

Right now, my team and I are studying different silhouettes of women and creating outfits that enhance various body types. I’m working on tunics, jumpers, tops, and dresses that could be worn in many different ways and are appropriate for various body types.

All of my experiences, past collections, best sellers, and continuous feedback are helping me finalize this project and present the best collection I can for Paris.

I’m striving to create classic pieces in your wardrobe. Have you ever had that one item in your closet that you’ve had your whole life?

Many of us have clothing in our wardrobe that are absolute staples; a lucky dress, the hand-me-down fur coat from your grandmother, or maybe the worn-down pair of jeans that are always comfortable. I’m interested in creating high quality clothing in your closet that will be timeless.

It’s time to do something meaningful for fashion. I’m taking the challenge to not only give women different styles from a single dress, but to make that dress a statement in your closet.

I’ve seen the results when you give a woman a new dress to wear; they are confident and ready to conquer the world! With my collection, that is exactly what I want to achieve.

Stay tuned and follow us on social media to hear the latest news and updates! My team and I are thrilled of what’s to come. Always feel free to post comments or questions.

Thank you for being so supportive! All of this is dedicated to you.

– Ximena Valero