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Hope everyone is having a great week and staying out of the heat!

This September, I am going to have an art exhibit in downtown Los Angeles. The exhibit “Paris is Burning” will have some of my present and past paintings. The funding from this auction will support our trip to Paris this upcoming November, so make sure to come out and support the Ximena Valero team! First, let me tell you how I started out drawing and having to take classes for it.

I’ll be honest; I used to NOT know how to draw! When I was younger I was able to draw graphics, but had no knowledge of how to draw dresses or faces. I went to school at CEDEA and took a Graduate course in Painting/Drawing/Artistic where my favorite professor, Eduardo Cooley, taught me how to draw and improvise.

He taught me how to draw, shade, and do lighting techniques on paper. I remember he came to class when we were free styling (drawing with no subject) and he always told us to be ourselves; do what makes us feel comfortable and to draw from the heart. Usually other teachers tell you what the subject is or what kind of pencil to use, but he would tell us to draw freely for an hour. I remember thinking “Uh, what am I going to do??” I was so used to being told what to do and always getting directions. I went up to the professor and asked him “what should I do?” and he told me something I’ll never forget.

“Let the inspiration find you working. Start doing something and the inspiration will come. You can not wait for it to come or you will be sitting there for months.” That moment made such an impact on my life.

Another huge thing I learned in that art class was improvisation. The way he taught that to us was by making us draw free for an hour, but with a twist. He would walk by all the students and throw coffee on peoples drawings, rip peoples papers, and even draw over what we had drawn. It was insane! We would always ask each other “What is he thinking??” But instead of getting mad about it, he would tell us “Okay, work with what you have now, I want to see what you come up with.”

One time he threw coffee on my painting, and instead of freaking out over it I slowly started to draw and create something interesting. The drawing ended up being really amazing, and if he hadn’t thrown the coffee on my paper it wouldn’t have ended up like that.

All of this happened throughout the process of my designing. I’ll be cutting a skirt and accidentally mess up, I’ll think back to what that class taught me and improvise. In the beginning, you might not have even thought of that idea! In art, I don’t believe in mistakes. You can always improvise and create something different than what you intended.

In this art show I will be showing some of my first drawings when I didn’t even know how to draw, and I’ll be showing some of my newer stuff that I’ve recently made.

I’m extremely excited for this show and I will be dedicating it to my professor, and I would love to invite you all to it! We are going to have some guests and performers throughout the art exhibit. I love music, and am attracted to music and people who do what they love 🙂

Ximena Valero’s muse Christina Sofina will be performing live. She is an amazing artist, singer, dancer and model.. she’s the whole package! You have to meet and see her live before it gets too expensive to buy a ticket to her concerts. You will absolutely love her and I am so happy to have her as a friend.

Feel free to support and join us! Tickets will be available soon. Venue to be announced. For more information and to RSVP to the event, email More details to come!

Thank you for supporting me and reading this blog, and of course following our social media channels 😉

-Ximena Valero