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The inspiration for this collection is getting more defined the further we go! We already know (and have announced a million times) that this collection is dedicated to all the different body types women have, and that it’s going to create confidence in women.

Right now, there are so many people helping me put this together. My team, the fashion team at the Art Institute of California-Inland Empire, and other collaborators have been apart of the brainstorming for this collection. We’ve been debating how this collection should be and how we’re going to help make women become fearless.

Right now, it’s basically coming down to going back to the 16th Century to see how women were working with corsets and creating the bodies they wanted. The desired goal was to make their figures more delicate and slender. These ideas aren’t anything new; Corsets and tight fitted clothing slimming down waists has always been relevant. Women wanted to make their waists very small by using certain clothing that would create those effects, and with continuous use they would maintain the results they want. Women didn’t always wear corsets to feel sexy. They wanted to feel empowered.

Corsets can be offered as excellent back support, help with posture issues, influence waist training, and have even helped with claustrophobia. They have even been used to ward off depression, panic attacks, and anxiety. It has boosted self–esteem where women can celebrate their bodies, not shame and hide themselves under baggy clothing. Corsets can help build confidence with results you can actually see. Women could transform their bodies and minds all with the help of a body shaper.

It’s funny we ‘re willing do to things that’s hurtful for ourselves in order to look beautiful. I’ve come across that while creating this collection, and I’ve heard women will do anything to be beautiful. I want to explore this more, and I’m happy to start walking you towards the collection we’re creating that will be presented this year. I can’t wait to illustrate and show you the background to all of this!

I believe this collection meets 1620’s to 2020. This is an inspiration that I’m taking from that era, it isn’t something I’ve come up with. As artists and designers, we are all connected as human beings. I definitely believe there will be certain trends that will be shifted into what I’m going to propose later this year in fashion. I’m ecstatic to be doing something that goes farther than just a pretty dress or something that’s just cute on you. I want to transform your body and your mind! It will create a positive and bold attitude in women. I’m very proud to have a product that will give you the tools to make your dreams come true.

Thank you for those reading and following us every week <3

-Ximena Valero