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Hello everyone and welcome back! We took a little break during our trips to Canada and Colombia and we’re so excited to share it all with you now.

We have a lot more blogs to look forward to, but in this particular one I’m so happy to be back and reconnect with all of you. I first want to talk to you guys about my experience with the reality TV show The Fashion Hero ! We traveled to Montreal in Canada for filming, where 42 participants four fashion designers and our beautiful host Brooke Hogan chose the next Fashion Hero. There were so many incredible experiences, but obviously I can’t tell you all of them because I want you to watch the show 😉

What I definitely want to share is my Fashion Hero family! We got together for three weeks, and I had the privilege to share my life with so many beautiful souls. They were selected amongst 20,000 people, so imagine the level of energy and excitement that was there! I connected with incredible people and I felt we created something special. After finishing filming, it’s been hard to be disconnected from them and the experience.

It’s been surreal that I got to select my winner and make their dream come true. Their dream was to become a model and they didn’t believe that they could. This opportunity opened the door for them, and after this experience I can truly say as a designer that this has shifted the way I select my models. I want to be closer to people who are more real and genuine.

After this experience I got the inspiration to start designing for males. I have four brothers, so I always felt maybe in the future I should design for men. Now this has pushed me to start something for women, men and unisex.  I want to make everyone feel comfortable and help them to be real, unique and beautiful.

This show has made me realize we are living in a new era and making history. We are very blessed to be living in this time in history. The way we communicate, eat, shop, and get together is very different, and it’s starting to change the industry. A huge impact of this change is technology. We’re able to communicate with people all around the world in an instant. We can see what fashion is in India, Greece and New York in a matter of seconds.

Not only can we see it, we can meet anybody through social media. Everyone is exposed in these platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram are big outlets for fashion. Everyone wants to show his or her new clothing, makeup, hairdo, nail polish, etc. With people constantly posting, we’re able to see what everyone wants to wear and get inspired.

In the past, we were only able to see fashion designers’ collections. Now, you can see your own neighbor coming up with an incredible new outfit. Everyone is creating amazing ideas and making them happen. It’s a creative boom everyone wants to be apart of.

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed is that everything is shifting to be more natural. We want to eat more organic food, be healthy and be more fit. I see this in fashion and big brands. We no longer see the prototype model anymore. We’re seeing all kinds of models with different ethnicities, heights, skin types, etc. It’s a positive shift because we feel more connected to that person or product that they’re showing us. Seeing more natural images means more people are coming out, being real and accepting themselves. It’s very powerful!

I’m really thrilled seeing all these changes. This is the effect of what’s happening, and I can’t wait to see the results after a couple of decades. We’re becoming healthier and getting more freedom to do so much more while being who we truly are. We no longer have to wear a mask and try to make everything perfect. We no longer have to pretend to be somebody else. Everything is now so much more real.

We’re also discovering we’re beautiful. Sometimes a model gets hired because she’s tall, blonde and has blue eyes. She’ll give a beautiful picture and that’s all she can offer. Brands and designers are finding beauty and people that go beyond that. They’re looking for better qualities that aren’t all physical. Maybe they’re looking for a good communicator, someone that can make you laugh or even talk from the heart. The standard model is fading away, because what could be more beautiful than being natural and accepting yourself?

You’re going to see more of what I’m talking about when you see the show which is airing next year!  Don’t miss any episodes, I will be sharing content and letting you all know when it will be airing. Please stay connected, be real and accept yourself for who you are 🙂

Your friend Ximena Valero is back, and I have so much to share in upcoming blogs so stay connected!

– Ximena Valero