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Ximena Valero Corporation is an international, global brand that designs, produces, and distributes women’s designer clothing. Being a company in transition while the fashion industry is changing, it’s important to decide who we look up to and what advice to take. We would like to thank LCI Monterrey for supporting the company through their studies.

Ximena Valero has had the opportunity to teach seminars and workshops on how to create a commercial collection at LCI Monterrey. We’ve collaborated and have had a long relationship with them, and we are pleased to follow their guidance.

This last April they delivered a business plan for us to follow. In this situation, the Los Angeles based Ximena Valero Corporation is moving in a new direction and transitioning. We are really proud of all the opportunities that are happening at this moment, and we couldn’t have done all of this without the support from LCI Monterrey. Working in the fashion industry, we love that LCI education values quality, initiative, creativity, and respect. They truly are the best alternative in art and design for people willing to impose a style and think differently.

The school is located in the heart of the city in Monterrey, Mexico, and has had a huge importance for the trajectory of the Ximena Valero Corporation. Being from my home country of Mexico, I love knowing they are representing Mexican students who love fashion. LCI Monterrey is creating amazing support for people everywhere, and maintains an international connection with school locations in places such as Canada, Spain, Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia, Indonesia, and Turkey.

For anyone who is running a business, working in technology, or any field that has to do with innovation, having the support of a University with brilliant minds is a tremendous input for any company.

We appreciate and value this opportunity to work with them and can’t wait for the results of this collaboration.

-Ximena Valero