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Hello! This is blog #8 and we’re really excited to share and keep you guys up to date!

I’ve been in fashion for more than 25 years, and of course I have many experiences that mark my life, taste, the things I end up liking and the things I believe in. One of them is my experience working for Victoria’s Secret in New York City at the age of 24. This experience was REALLY big for me. I was able to be inside the laboratory of the most well-known, successful, lingerie brand in the world. This definitely gave me a very clear idea of how a successful fashion business works.

I had the privilege to start working as an intern, and eventually was hired as a Designer Assistant. I started my time there by bringing coffee to the designers, and ended my time there making decisions on colors and silhouettes for various lines including PINK, Very Sexy, and Angels. All these memories and visions that I had working there helped me create and run my own empire. By seeing how everything was made, how everything worked, and how many people were involved, I got to see that everything produced there started from an idea that would inspire a whole collection.

Every season we would work on storyboards, and I remember we would work on them based on those ideas and inspiration. I remember seeing vendors selling us swatches of fabric and prints, and we would pick which mood, graphics, and colors that would fit into our ideal for that season.

A very true statement about fashion is most of everything we see has already been done and thought of. We’ve been on this planet for 4.5 billion years (according to Google), and there have been so many ideas and people on Earth. How many people have been attracted to sew and create clothing? How many people have that desire and drive to create different styles? Certain silhouettes keep repeating because they’re good ideas for certain body types. Sometimes what happens with our ideas is we come up with a great idea, open up a magazine the next day, and we see our idea photographed and printed right there.

Everything in fashion has already been created. Okay, maybe not everything... but mostly all the ideas you think of are already created. Fashion gets created, deconstructed, recycled and made up again. What’s very important to me in fashion is that we all get inspiration from something else, or somewhere else. We always contribute to pre-existing ideas, and we make it better and better. Fashion is an evolution of different concepts and visions, and with time, keeps improving.

This is all a huge element in fashion, and important with any business. Creativity, art, and becoming inspired by other brands and designers are a giant function of fashion. There are so many infinite elements that give a designer inspiration; architecture, food, you can find it anywhere!

That’s why I admire Victoria’s Secret and my time spent there. Victoria’s Secret is the #1 company in the world for lingerie, and has the best marketing. I learned so much about business and building my company through them.

I used to receive their catalogues in the mail, and I used to dream getting their clothing. The women were SO beautiful from their catalogues! (Who would have known I would be working for them when I turned 24!) It’s a true inspiration to keep those memories of how things got done there; the process of designing, getting inspired, adding your taste, making items, making everything perfect, dressing women until they’re satisfied, and approving a product so it can go into production are all things I loved being involved in. It was a fascinating process!

They pick the most beautiful women in the world for their advertisements. Supermodels are the most well paid models in the world, but why is that? Because they have a talent to look a certain way in the camera, and the less amount of time they can photograph something great, the less work it is for the photographer. However, I think that concept is going to change soon.

Super models are a concept that is slowly dying. They are so amazing and unusual; they’re like a superwoman. As we go through the years though, the industry and brands are accepting that there aren’t any super models that can relate to various women.

The opposite now happens; we see a supermodel and can’t relate to them. This has women questioning the products their advertising and think “wow, that isn’t for me”. They’re realizing putting more relatable people is something that will create bigger and more sales.

Don’t be surprised if Victoria’s Secret will change their aesthetics in a couple years. Even though we love Adriana Lima, Giselle Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosia, they’ll always be our inspiration to go to the gym and look so amazing! The industry is shifting, and they are going to put more relatable people in campaigns and advertisements. Don’t be surprised you can be the next campaign model for any brand. If you’re fabulous and believe in yourself, be ready for an era of real beauty! It’s going to happen!

We are so proud to be apart of all the changes that are coming. This upcoming collection of mine has a lot to do with Victoria’s Secret, lingerie, form-fitting items for women, and how well they are made to make women feel comfortable, beautiful, and sexy.

Always embrace who you are. Get inspired by the beauty around you. Remember there is only one you. There is no one like you, and that is priceless. Be the super women that only you can be.

Thank you! <3

-Ximena Valero