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Welcome back to our weekly blog! We can’t believe this is our ninth edition! 🙂

The way we dress and style ourselves has SO much effect on how we feel during the day, and has a tremendous amount on how people perceive us. It’s important to take an effort on what you wear and what you want to attract.

People want to feel good, beautiful, sexy and comfortable. They’re the basic things people want to feel. Being comfortable in the clothes you wear has a lot to do with textures and picking the right silhouettes for your body type.

Each color we wear means something different to us (and we’re going to explore the colors for you in our second part, and also the various and best outfits for different silhouettes!)

First and foremost to achieving these feelings you want, I want you to step out of your comfort zone. You probably live life automatically and don’t even think about what to wear. It’s the same old routine we go through every day; wake up, shower, pick up something from the closet and go about your day. I encourage you to step aside and take a look at what you’re wearing. Look at what you put on in the morning because that is going to set the foundation of how you feel. That’s pretty fair to take a look, right?

I want you to look inside your closet and see all the clothes you’ve been collecting. There’s so many reasons why you have the clothing you have. Sometimes people give it to us as a gift, they’re hand-me-downs, or even clothing we’ve worn on important days. We even keep clothing that doesn’t fit us anymore. I want you to start putting all your clothes out of the closet and start questioning why it’s still there.

If you still feel good about wearing the clothing in your closet, keep it. If you don’t, give it to somebody or sell it. There are so many places online now where you can sell clothing! Don’t keep collecting things that doesn’t excite you or make you feel good. The clothing we wear should be elements to help us get something. They should help us feel good and attract what we want! It could be a boyfriend or the men in your life you know? Or even your dream job!

Start tossing out all those garments that depress you. Just get rid of them! Don’t worry about an empty closet. The only thing that will happen is the birth of a new wardrobe. Now that you’re more conscience, it will be a wardrobe you’ve put real thought into. What are the items that make me feel great? What are the ones that make me feel slim? Which ones make me feel confident? This is going to be so much better versus the items that are just there.

So like I said, don’t worry if you end up with no wardrobe. I’ll help you create your own wardrobe with simple videos and instructions. For the next blog, we’re going to explore colors, what they represent, and what the best colors are for different occasions.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading! Make sure to follow us on all social media channels 😉


-Ximena Valero