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“Let’s hail to all women” were the words that lit up the Reef on the night of June 15th. Danielle Broomé-Clark was just one out of the many women that inspired the crowd during the “Diamonds in the Rough” fashion show that occurred last Wednesday.

The Fashion Show was held to empower the young women of the Soledad Enrichment Action. Through their participation the young women who either were previously gang-affiliated or had a rough patch in life, attend sessions that focuses on helping them improve their self-esteem, social skills, and learn how to co-exist in other communities. Therefore, I was extremely honored to be able to be the designer to style the young women for the fashion show.

The weeks leading up to the event the young women visited my fashion lab in downtown LA to get fitted for their dresses. During their visits I couldn’t have been more touched and moved by these young women’s stories. Each one of the 15 women I had the opportunity to work with had a different story. One of the young women was working to stay positive after her mother died of cancer and another one of the women was trying to learn how to be a good mother to her kid. I was truly inspired how the women made the decisions to overcome their obstacles and work towards a better life for themselves. I was even more fortunate to have one of the young women work with my team and I in the fashion lab on my newest collection! She was an amazing contribution to the team!

The night of the fashion show I could not stop smiling while seeing the women getting their make-up and hair done for the show. They were so nervous but they felt so confident and empowered by the experience. When the women finally hit the catwalk they shined so bright and took the stage with power.

Just seeing the event come to life and hearing the girls say how confident they feel, really reminded me why I am a fashion designer. I was able to show the women a message that I am truly passionate about: “everyone is beautiful in their own distinctive shape and form”.